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to acknowledge chris kelly, pat gallager, jim wonderman, we are expecting ron conway and mary murphy to join us. i also wanted to turn the microphone over to mayor lee to talk about why we are here. that is to unveil our logo, social media campaign. we will have rich silverstein, the head of this amazing ad agency working the past month to come to this point. we are going to hear from the ceo of the 49ers, jet york as well. supervisor mark ferrell, who will be our key liaison to the board of supervisors here in san francisco i want to acknowledge mayor reeve and williams weren't able to make it. we are committed to the effort and our theme of bringing the bowl to the bay. that will be important because we can't do this alone. we are excited to work with them as well. without furthered adieu i will ask mayor lee to come up and perform, talk about the first tweet and our social media campaign. >> great, thank you. thank you, daniel. [applause] >> thank you very much for your leadership on this as well. i knew that when we sat down and talked about this kind of little dream we had that you became
executive george joseph spent $16.9 million on proposition 3. but thrp two winners as well. chris kelly spent $2.4 million on proposition 35, that increased penalties for human trafficking. and investment manager stier invested $31 million on proposition 5. >>> you can find election results, bay area and beyond, on our website, >>> also tonight police arrested a man who said he broke into pelosi's home. he faces charges including burglary and felony vandalism. he admitted to breaking into six homes in the neighborhood near saint helene in the past week. that includes pelosi's home where he took a watch. investigators do not believe the crime was politically motivated. >>> violent crimes are becoming far too common in the oakland hills and now some people living there taking their complaints to the top. they want to share their frustration with their neighbor, the mayor. >> it used to be a beautiful place. it used to be a tranquil place, but now it's a place where people are terrorized. >> reporter: she's talking about the oakland hills. neighbors won't show their faces on cam
to change insurance laws. but there were two winners as well. former facebook executive chris kelly spent $2.4 million on proposition 35, that increased penalties for human trafficking and investment manager steyer invested on prop 39 which changes the way corporations will pay california tax. >> graham alexander couldn't care less who won the election because he's one, as in one day old. his mom, shay, made sure to deliver her ballot before delivering him. the missouri teacher's water broke and she was on her way to the hospital when she realized she needed to vote. >> it's voting day. i'm not going to be able to vote . he said, well, polls open at 6:00. okay. >> i was the driver. it was the polling place on they to the hospital so we popped in real quick and thought we had plenty of time to get there. doctor didn't seem real concerned yet. >> mom said she had to vote because she's been telling her students all year how important it is. >> can you hear me now? one california woman said she cn -- well with her new iphone but the store refused to take it back. kurtis ming. >> reporter: she s
point and conleeza rice, and lor rein powell, mayor willy brown, mary murphy, chris kelly, ron conway and many others. it's really an all star crew from people in the bay area. the economic benefits are incredible. thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity. in san francisco we have been tested and with the giants and the america's cup and fleet week and all of the events we have hosted. it's an incredible time to be a san franciscan. it's a world class event and one of the biggest in the world and we are a world class city deserving of hosting it. i want to thank the chair for getting the funds for the youth programs and the more we do the better off we are as a community here in san francisco. i think his goals are ambitious but i am confident in them making it a reality in the city and i hope you join me and i submit. >> thank you supervisor farrell. supervisor kim. >> thank you. as long as we're on the topic of sports we am introducing this on the traffic impacts and on pier 32 for the warriors and we are excited they're making san francisco making the
general harris has to defend chris kelly's law her former opponent in election. and chris kelly has filed with the court to enter the case because he argues among other things that the state attorney general is not going to pursue the defense of the law vigorously so he inserted himself in the case because he says he doesn't know if kamala harris will do a good job so infighting between the two seems to be king. kamala harris on friday said she is going to be cracking down on human trafficking as part of her administration's priorities. >> you will find more of melissa's segments on >>> a silicon valley giant is searching for a new boss. >> here to talk about that is jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> reporter: good morning. intel announcing this morning that ceo paul ottolini will step down and retire next may giving the company six months to look for a replacement either from within the firm or outside. ottolini has been there for four decades, ceo for eight years and only the fifth ceo over a the key to the change coming up is finding som
's announcement. we got that tuesday. now we can talk more. i want to acknowledge chris kelly, pat gallager, jim wonderman, we are expecting ron conway and mary murphy to join us. i also wanted to tu
to be secretary of state. we've got to go but thank you very much. chris cizilla, kelly o'donnell. joining me now is ambassador nicolas burns, former undersecretary of state and ambassador to nato, now with the john f. kennedy school of government at harvard. nick we've been through this before, seen confirmation hearings go off kilter. this is not getting a great start. >> and it's a shame, andrea, because i think these charges against ambassador rice, i don't find convincing. she was simply representing the viewpoint of an entire administration and many of us have been in positions of defending administration's republican and democrat in the past, i have, where you're not out there, you know, just trumpeting your own personal views. you're relying on a collective judgment made ats the state department, the white house, the cia and other places, and she was merely the person representing the position that day. so i don't think it's fair to hold her responsible. you know, she's a very effective highly intelligent person who by all accounts has been a very good ambassador to the united nations and
now for our daily fix, chris cillizza managing editor of, and kelly o'donnell and correspondent pete williams. pete, first to you. talk first about what is going on in the investigation? the fbi agent who was first only known as the person who triggered this, he was an acquaintance, friend of jill kelley's. we knew he had been taken off the case, was in fact the subject of an internal ethics review at the fbi and sent a photo without a shirt. now, they're pushing back, people speaking for the kelleys, to say this has been mischaracterized and this guy actually had a major role in one of the big terrorism or suspected terrorism takedowns. >> reporter: what the kelleys people are saying is limited to the question of the picture, andrea. they say that's been very much misunderstood. months before all of this started he sent a picture to many people and it may or may not have been received by jill kelley, this person says, showing hymn standing with a bunch of mannequins they use as a firing range, three of them and then him as the fourth without his shirt
respond with one word. >> brian: i don't think. got to get dressed >> chris: kelly, even though it is the other woman paula broadwell who had the relationship, that is kelly right there. it was paula broadwell who had the relationship with general petraeus. why would she hire a lawyer and judy smith who is an expert at crisis management. we know. and they out about the 20,000 to 30,000 e-mail about to become public. >> brian: we know that general petraeus is a brilliant military mind and general allen was doing a good job in afghanistan and going to be elevated in a position in nato. his confirmation hearings are on delay and would-be replacement is asked to secretary of defense is asked to speed up the conference hearings. america is the big loser here. we lose two military minds who have the respect of those were in the military. >> gretchen: don't forget. >> brian: allen is in the place for a while. >> gretchen: we don't know if he will resign. don't forget general mcchrystal and you factor in the last three years what happened with the top level generals it is amazing and be
narrowly divided than it is now. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, cleveland. >>> the chris christie, barack obama relationship grows closer. plus the cast of the jersey shore talks. >>> snow possibly for the coast. you're watching "early today." >>> well, more than a week after sandy's historic assault on the northeast, many residents of new jersey and the injurijersey sho getting their first look. at one low income housing project in brooklyn, new york, many don't have power and heat as they cope with the bitter cold. >>> the unusual alliance formed between new jersey's governor chris christie and president obama took on yet another dimension monday during a call aboard air force one. the president handed the phone over to christie's fellow new jerseyan, bruce springstein. >> bruce is apparently flying around today with the president on his last day of the campaign. bruce said to me how proud he was of his state and how proud he was of the people of the state and how tough they are and he'll be back to the jersey shore soon. we had a good conversation today and it was great to talk to the presid
in kelly goth, political correspondent for and democratic strategist chris kafinis. the war on women. these remarks by mourdock continued to erode away. how big of an impact is this going to have on these races? >> huge. it already is, right? and i think the way i look at this, ed, is the other perspective of the gop was that this election cycle was essentially about three issues. the economy, the economy, the economy. and that is partially true, right? but you can be the brightest economic business mind on the planet and if you run for office and you say i kick puppies in my spare time, i like adolf hitler, i hate black people, people aren't going to vote for you. i think what a lost the men in the gop underestimated is in the eyes of a lot of americans, making crazy insulting comments about rape falls along those lines and they won't for candidates even if the economy is the number one issue and they're making these crazy comments. >> michele bachmann had a hard time splitting away from richard mourdock's comments. >> because she agrees with him but doesn't want to say tha
than it is now. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, cleveland. >>> well, the chris christie, barack obama relationship grows even stronger. details are next. plus, the cast of the "jersey shore" is putting their stamp on hurricane sandy. >>> just a little bit of rain in the northwest for election day. it clears out, though, for a really nice tomorrow. that forecast is coming up. you're watching "early today." >>> more than a week after sandy's historic assault on the northeast, many residents of the new jersey shore are starting to get their first up-close look at the destruction to their homes and their businesses. at one low-income housing project in brooklyn, new york, many still don't have power or heat as they cope with bitter cold. >>> the unusual alliance formed between new jersey's republican governor chris christie and president obama took on yet another dimension monday. during a call from aboard air force one the president handed the phone over to christie's fellow new jerseyan, bruce springstein. >> bruce is apparently flying around with the president today on his last day of
on the set, is chris mathews, host of "hardball," kelly o'donnell our chief congressional correspondent, greg still with us, be chief economic reporter for the economist, andrew ross sorkin in new york and also, of course, mark halperin and chris cizilla. andrew ross sorkin, what did you hear from the president at the top there that indicates that something either may happen or may not happen when they meet next week to avert the showdown? >> i was impressed. i thought that he indicated that there is wiggle room, but again, the wiggle room is only on the 250 and above. he sort of circled around it and said why don't we take everybody else out of the equation which might be the way to do it. it also is going to put pressure back on this idea of if we -- by the way, be if he signs that bill, he got his pen out and said i'm ready to sign that bill. what's left? what's left is going to 39.6. so there's going to be an issue around that. the question is, is he going to be willing to take up the average effective tax rates by reducing deductions and the like on the wealthy and what that means and th
afar. >> apparently not. chris lawrence, do me a favor. stand by. we have suzanne kelly standing by who broke the news. wolf blitzer, let me bring you in. i'm sure you have spoken to general petraeus and know his wife holly. chris lawrence said people at d.o.d. are totally surprised. why, if you are having an afair, granted it is wrong but why does it mean you lose your job? >> when you are the head of the cia, that potentially compromise the director of the cia and it's an obviously very -- if you are hiding something like that, and you are not only have classified information but you are not only top secret but you are at the top of the pins kl in the intelligence community. that's an area potentially of vulnerability and it sends a serious message down the chain of command when you are talking to intelligence officers at the cia or other agencies of the u.s. government. one of the things we are always warning you, don't get involved in extra a marital affairs because you noe don't know who the man or woman might be and they could be agents for hostile power or whatever, someone tryin
, people like marco rubio, paul ryan, his running mate, chris christie, kelly ayotte and others that are probably doing hard thinking right now about what they want to do for 2016. no question also there will be soul searching in the republican party. they lost among a group of key demographics and lost badly, and a couple of senate candidates imploded badly as well all of that prompting megan mccain to tweet a few minutes ago, and this is a quote from her. quote, keep calling like me rhinos, republicans in name only and see how many elections we keep winning, jenna. jenna: that certainly will be a topic of conversations at least over the next several days. we'll see how long that reflection takes place. john, thank you very much for that. back too john throughout the day. moving ontoore politics. jon: let's talk about some of what john was just mentioning. the exit poll results come from interviews with voters as they are leaving the polling places on election day. two big things we are watching, the critical voting block of women and the economy. when asked who would better ha
meeting with senators john mccain, lindsey graham and kelly ayotte. they were infuriated after rice called the assault that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans spontaneous and linked to a protest over a youtube video. she will be joined by acting cia director mike morell. the meeting could serve as a real test of whether rice will still be in for a fight over her potential nomination as secretary of state. >>> elsewhere on capitol hill today, it's back to the bargaining table for lawmakers facing a year-end fiscal cliff. yesterday the white house took a hard line insisting tax rates have to rise on the rich and warning that anymore delay on the deal could ruin consumer confidence and hurt holiday retail sales. nbc's tracie potts joins us from washington with the details. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, lynn. today we'll see a continued push by the white house. in fact, for the rest of this week, new details released this morning, still pushing for those taxes on the rich. meantime, here on capitol hill we're seeing some small signs of compromise. toda
to thank my family. i have never campaigned harder. [applause] my three children and their spouses. chris and kelly and tom and brian and jason and little state with his wife. -- and littlejase. [applause] my very good friend don and roxanne who gave me a chance to help build a business with him. in lacrosse. very happy my sister is here from california ander fiancee. -- and her fiancee. [applause] my brother arthur and chad, thank you. [applause] wasgovernor's brother who in an ad with me, i thank him and his family. jeff knight and sharon and todd - i just love all of it. i love all -- all of you. i love you all. courtney the state chairman of the party andi also wanted thank my campaign. team. but the wonderful group of people. -- what a wonderful group of people. john matthews, darren scmidts, my field staff and my campaign chief, lisa booth, ryam bopothfield, mary stitz and everybody else the worked so hard and did so much. [applause] iran, ladies and gentleman -- i ran, ladies and gentleman, because i love this country and that love this state. -- and i love this state. the belief -
, in fact, chosen. chris? >> from one end of pennsylvania avenue to the other, kelly o'donnell and kristen welker, thank you. >> thanks. good to see you, chris. >>> now from the third branch of government. we're covering the entire government today. we'll find out if the supreme court will weigh in on a pair of hi high-profile cases that would help define the rights and benefits of same-sex couples. pete williams is the justice correspondent. he joins me from outside the supreme court. good morning, pete. >> reporter: good morning, chris. we're wait to go hear whether the court will take either of these two cases. the defense of marriage act passed in 1996 by congress, signed into law by president clinton. and what it says is that for federal law purposes, marriage can exist only between a man and a woman. so that means this in the nine states where same sex marriage is legal, if a same sex couple gets married there, they're considered mayrried for state lw but not federal law and the practical consequence is they are denied about 1,000 federal benefits, tax benefits, survivors benefits, t
park yesterday. and that's going to do it for me here in d.c. kelly wright and jamie colby in new york with more. and tomorrow, chris wallace has an exclusive with the chair of the senate
the lives of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans? >> well, i am, kelly. i am he' satisfied with the testimony of general petraeus, but there's still unanswered questions that we're waiting to be answered by the administration and that is, what was known by the administration and when did they know it. general petraeus came before us on september 14th and gave his best assessment of the situation at that time and came back yesterday to reiterate many points and tell us where the inintelligence changed from when he first had come before us on september 14th, but what we do know is that the talking points that were put together and released by the cia were changed by the time they were presented on the sunday morning talk shows by ambassador rice, so the question, why were they changed, who changed them and what was the purpose. >> kelly: and that seems to be the major sticking point right now on capitol hill, where all of you are just trying to find out, who, what, when, how, and why. and were those changed and making it classified as i understand, but who did change it. when
divided than it is now. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, cleveland. >> last night on "hardball," president obama's campaign manager told chris matthews the stakes in the election are high for women. >> we need women to come out and vote. they support the president by double digits, we we need them to come out to the polls and vote tomorrow. in the usa today poll, in a lot of the state polling, he leads women by double digits. but now is the time when it matters to demonstrate support, when you come out to the polls. for those what are early voting, broad coalition of people, young people, women, african-americans, latinos, they're all coming out to cast a vote early for this president. >> rachel maddow, chris matthews and the rest of the lineup will have the special election coverage starting tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern. chris christie, barack obama, that relationship has grown even stronger. we'll have details next. plus, the cast of jersey shore is putting their stamp on hurricane sandy. you're watching "first look" on msnbc. well, if it isn't mr. margin. mr. margin? don't be modest, bob. you
covers all of the pertinent of voters of the same time. >> he gave a very competitive speech. mr. chris christie, the last person to tell him he should join a gyn, but watching him get out of a limousine is like watching the russians get out of afghanistan. >> more ahead. >> and joe kelly was the best kind of a friend, a friend that would keep a secret from my friend that you could trust. >> feddis don phillips talking to abc news about his friend. the what ms. kelly decided not to keep secret is that mr. patraeus's mistress was sending her threatening e-mails. she called a friend of the ca, who tipped off a couple of congressmen, including minority leader eric cantor. david petraeus lost his job as the head of the cia. analysts it was all caught up in what has been labeled the military adulteress complex. does that about summed it up? >> yes, it does. it is really unfortunate. it is not the people have never had affairs in high positions in government. cia directors have even had affairs in the past. and we did not fire them over it. but these are different times. my view is that it sh
. ray kelly of the nypd sporting a new one. then there is chris christie's fleece. he has worn it as a kind of talisman every day since his beloved jersey shore got torn up by the storm. it fits him and works with who he is. not as fancy as the others then again he is way ahead in another area. wait till the other governors see what he wore to the western wall in jerusalem. let's see if the president can top that. speaking of the president, there he was on election night, crowning moment, second term, thousands of supporters and then, there she was. hair flag lady, living proof that no matter how hard the advance people try to assemble the perfect crowd behind the candidate you can't control what they do. we saw a couple of great examples of this during the campaign, hair flag lady as she instantly became known on the web went there with old glory. you couldn't help but notice her, no matter how lofty the occasion or rhetoric. here was a gem from election night, our friend, jonathan alter wearing a headset from the early 60s. dawn of the electronic age. makes you wistful for a
chris could reach the plane. >>> the psychotic shooter who opened fire on congresswoman gabga gabby giffords and nearly 20 others in tucson will be sentenced today. abc news has learned that giffords and mark kelly will be in a tucson courtroom, coming face-to-face with jared loughner. six people were killed in that shooting rampage. >>> and a 77-year-old arizona man is waking up to freedom this morning after spending almost 40 years in prison for a double-murder that he has always insisted he did not commit. reporter david biscamine of our abc station in phoenix has the story. >> reporter: it was a horrific crime. two people gunned down in a desert area north of the valley. the case went cold for more than a decade. until bill mccumber's wife turned him in, claiming he confessed. but his son says the two were going through a divorce. >> she was having affairs. >> reporter: his wife works for the sheriff's office. and mccumber's attorneys claim, she planted evidence. >> miraculously, out of the file jumped a palmprint that matched a palmprint of bill mccumber. >> reporter: 38 years
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 70 (some duplicates have been removed)